Heroine Saved One-Eyed Dog From Being Euthanized

Animal rescue facilities try as hard as they can to save all of the animals that come into their care. The problem for most facilities is overcrowding.

There are just way too many animals out there and not enough homes. This was the problem at a shelter where Angus arrived after being attacked by another dog in Constanta, Romania.

The shelter authorities made a difficult decision, Angus, along with 150 other dogs, would be euthanized over a three day period.

Local animal activists eventually convinced the mayor to stop the killings for a few weeks while they tried to place the animals.

They immediately began moving many of the injured and sickly animals as fast as they possibly could.

When Anne-Marie Dimi Marcu was taking pictures of the animals who were in the worst shape, she met Angus.

Angus was thin, blind, dirty, and wounded. Anne took 15 adult dogs, 11 puppies and Angus, to her home.

Anne then made arrangements for Angus to travel to Scotland after he had spent some time healing from his injuries.

Eventually, Angus arrived in the arms of a woman named Amanda. Angus did lose an eye, but he is now with someone who loves him.

Angus is now going to live a long, happy life.

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