Adorable Snaggletoothed, One-Eyed Cat Was Not Expected To Survive

Willie is an unconventionally handsome cat who found unconditional love with his new owner. When Willie was born four years ago, no one expected him to live very long.

Willie was born with only one eye, and because his jaw had not fully formed, he had a snaggle tooth. His human Kristen never had any doubts, and she fell in love with Willie the moment that she laid eyes on him.

He survived and has been living with Kristen all his life and are incredibly close.

They snuggle together, and Willie sleeps with Kristen every night in her bed. Kristen wears a necklace that holds Willie’s baby snaggle tooth.

Willie follows Kristen all around the house and waits by the door for her to come home every single day.

Recently Kristen adopted another baby kitten, a little girl, and just like Willie, she has only one eye.

This girl’s name is Millie! Willie has really taken to Millie and loves her almost as much as he loves Kristen. The two spend lots of time playing together while they wait for mom to come home.


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