Precious Photograph Of Officer And His K9 Partner Goes Viral

When Hurrican Irma hit Florida, some people evacuated the state entirely, but that was not an option for most. Some people had to either stay in their homes or move their families to hurricane shelters in their area.

The Fort Lauderdale Police Department tweeted one special photo.  In the picture, Officer Somma and his K9 dog Eddie are catching some rest during the storm. The beautiful part is that they are holding hands.

There will be much work to be done now that the storm has passed, but this precious moment shows how amazing the bond between K-9 officers and their dogs really is.

These partners will always be there for one another.

Commenters on Twitter were full of support for these officers whose hard work is certainly not overlooked!

The entire Fort Lauderdale Police Department is worked hard to keep everyone safe during the storm.

K-9 officers deserve special thanks. They didn’t choose this job, but they approach it with enthusiasm and guts.

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