Woman On A Mission To Save Foals From Being Destroyed

When Victoria Goss discovered the startling truth behind the short lives of nurse mare foals, she knew she had to do something.  The animals are born merely for the milk that their mothers produce.  The milk is then used to nourish a thoroughbred foal.  The nurse mare foals are then left to die of malnourishment.

The cycle is repeated continuously at the expense of both the mother and her child.  Just to create a “genetically fit” specimen who will grow into a strong and healthy horse.

After they are born, the foals are left to die and are potentially disposed of in several different ways. Some consider foal meat a delicacy, and in Europe, their skin has become popular. Others are born and destroyed immediately.  The methods often used are inhumane. This entire process is questionably legal. However, the activity still continues in many horse breeding situations that involve thoroughbred racing horses.

Sue Morrow Productions LLC, has created an upcoming documentary called “Born to Die.”  In it, viewers will follow Victoria and her mission to rescue and rehabilitate these abandoned foals.  The filming takes place at Last Chance Corral, Victoria’s horse rescue farm in Athens, Ohio. Victoria’s intervention has saved all of the foals she takes in from an inevitable and painful death.

The Last Chance Corral rescues between 150-200 foals every year.  The heaviest rescue season begins in January and ends in June. During this season, Victoria and her team work around the clock to rescue the high influx of foals. Once they have stabilized the foals, they can then be put up for adoption and live long, healthy lives. 

Victoria has been rescuing nurse mare foals for about 17 years, but has actually been rescuing horses since she was about 12-years-old.

“I wanted to be an advocate for these animals because they didn’t have anybody,” stated Victoria. “Foals can then be adopted out as soon as they are stabilized, whether that takes days or weeks. If I can keep doing this and make a difference, that’s enough for me.”

“I think every one of us is honor bound to do good with our lives. We’ve been given this great opportunity to live here on this green planet,” commented Victoria. “I especially feel the need to try and always do good and see the good in an animal that everybody else gives up on.”


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