Children Convince Their Dad To Adopt Puppy With One Eye

Some people say that sometimes dogs look like their owners.  Meet Jordan Trent who was shopping one day when his children demanded that he get a little puppy they had just found in the market. Their reasoning:  the  puppy had one eye, just like him.


When Jordan was 15 he lost his eye in a horrible accident that ended with a piece of metal stuck in his eye. He quickly overcame the injury, but felt it really seemed to affect other people worse than himself. He grew up, got married, and had kids.

Jordan admitted he felt a connection right away. The puppy had a rough start and needed to find a home. But Jordan and his family knew it was right and took the young Shiner Solo home. His adoption was the beginning of something magical.

The puppy instantly became an Instagram star! They named the dog Shiner after Jordan’s favorite beer, and Solo after the famous Star Wars character.

Shiner and Jordan are so connected, they even have the same eye missing.


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