Greyhound Has Not Been Adopted Yet Because Of His Sleep Habits

Jasper is a Greyhound who is currently with Dogs Trust Snetterton in the UK. The sanctuary is trying very hard to get him adopted since the poor dog has been there for six months. Why hasn’t he been adopted?

Because Jasper sleeps through every single one of his adoption appointments. Every time someone is interested in him, Jasper falls asleep.  He is tired a lot.

While it is common for Greyhounds to need plenty of exercise and activity, the opposite that is true. All they really need is a few bursts of activity a day. The rest of their time, they’d prefer to curl up and sleep.


I can get behind that, for sure. I wish people would let me sleep throughout the day, ESPECIALLY during important meetings. Lara, who works with Jasper at the Dogs Trust, says that when he’s awake he’s super affectionate and loves to play games with the people around him.

Let’s hope that Jasper will find people who appreciate his love of sleep.

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