Police Force Just Hired The Cutest New Member

Police officers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but all of them have one trait in common: they are tough as nails. In Taiwan, the entire police force fell in love with Fushin!

He will be an important member of the New Taipei City Police Department because he’s a hardworking, loyal, and unbelievably cool… puppy!

He may look like an ordinary puppy, but there’s something special about him.

Fushin, a yellow Labrador retriever, is set to one day become a blood-detection dog for the New Taipei City Police Department in Taiwan. Despite his tough line of work, the world couldn’t help but fall in love with him as soon as he was introduced to the public via the police department’s Facebook page!

When translated into English, “Fushin” means “lucky star” and he is a lucky dog to be so beloved by his community and the world! He also has five siblings named Federica, Schuman, AJ, Sunny, and Eagle… but Fushin is still the standout.

Fushin’s parents, named Yellow and Leader, are two years old and they serve in the K-9 unit as sniffer dogs. All six of their offspring will be trained to become detection dogs as well, according to K-9 unit captain Pan Tian-long.

There are several roles for sniffer dogs in the New Taipei City Police Department’s K-9 Unit, one which includes drug detection, blood detection, explosive detection, and even attacking.

Fushin is cream-colored and will be trained as a blood detection dog, his siblings all have black fur and are set to be trained as drug detection dogs. All of them are going to be colleagues within the New Taipei City Police Department.

Captain Pan has singled out Fushin calling her particularly dedicated and brave. He indicated that, as soon as the puppy’s training was complete, he would work with the police to investigate crime scenes and locate suspected criminals.

Captain Pan after spending more than three decades catching drug dealers and serving on the police force, Captain Pan has a particular affection for Fushin and his siblings.

In all of the history of the New Taipei City Police Department, this was the first time that the unit bred the dogs themselves. The police officers  work in shifts to take care of the dogs around-the-clock.

Nonetheless, Fushin still stands out as the favorite of his litter since he looks so different. That’s in addition to his irresistible cuteness, of course! Captain Pan also described him as the “naughtiest” of the bunch.

“Sometimes, he would fall asleep while eating, and then he would wake up suddenly and carry on eating like nothing happened,” said the police captain in an interview. “How could people not love something as cute as that?”

While medium-sized dogs such as Fushin, and his fellow Labradors are usually employed for detecting tasks in crowded or indoor environments, the squad relies on larger dogs, like German Shepherds, to arrest suspects and join the human police officers for patrols.


It’s so great to see how much Fushin is appreciated for the sweet, lovable puppy that he is, even as he’s being vetted to do an important job.


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