Couple Saved Neglected Calf Left To Die In The Field

Adam and Emily Hopson are a young couple from a small town near Ashville, North Carolina.  They live on and manage their family farm.

A few years back, when Adam lost his job, they were scared of losing the farm and prayed daily while Adam searched for work. That is when they decided the best way to save the farm was to start to raise Highland Cattle.

A herd of cattle was transported to their farm, and their work began.

The cattle have multiplied over the years, and now take over the entire field. One day, when Emily was tending to the cows, she noticed a baby calf that wasn’t theirs, was alone in the field.

That’s when she met James.

James is a 4-month-old calf that was neglected by his mother. Emily said his mother’s nipples were enlarged and long, and James could not nurse. She decided to take him inside and nurse him back to health.

“After hours of observing and trying to help him nurse to no avail, we finally brought him inside,” Emily shared.

It took less than a month for James to adapt to living indoors. He was used to taking a bottle and was an active little guy.

Emily did notice that his naval was abnormal, but it did not seem to be life-threatening. She decided to take baby James to the doctor just in case.

It was a good thing Emily did that because the doctor discovered that James had a severe infection and his naval was not closed off. That’s when he recommended that James be put down so he wouldn’t have to suffer.

But Adam and Emily couldn’t let that happen, they were already attached to James.

They took very good care of him and nursed him back to health.

Once he grew too big to be in the house, they placed him in a fenced in area in the backyard with their chickens. James would try to get attention from the other baby calves, but they knew he was not normal, and wanted nothing to do with him.

“They would either bully him or ignore him. So we bought two more orphan babies to keep him company,” Emily said. “Since they are orphans they are the perfect buddies for James.”

Soon enough, James and his new buddies even grew too big for the fenced in area in the backyard, and have made it to greener pastures.

Emily shared, “We have moved them into a larger pasture with other cows but they all three hang out in their own little group and now the other calves think they are the cool crowd and want to join and hang out with them.”

The Hopson family have taken pictures of James since the day they brought him inside and started sharing his photos on their business Instagram page, just for fun and James’s pictures went viral. Strangers from all over started commenting on the pictures  and some were even interested in buying him.

James is not for sale, so Adam and Emily began to post pictures of the other Highland Cattle that were raised in the field.

The couple has sold over half of their herd, but not James. James is now the family pet.

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