Mama Adopts 5 Orphaned Pit Bull Puppies Before She Was Nearly Euthanized

Dr. Deborah Wilson of Circle L. Ranch Animal Rescue & Sanctuary stepped in and removed a new momma dog and puppies from the Pinal County Animal Shelter just before she was going to be euthanized.

Circle L. Ranch is located in Prescott Valley, Arizona. They rescue farm animals as well as dogs. Most all of the animals that live on the ranch were saved from kill lists. Any animal that can’t be adopted out will live out their life on the 40-acre ranch.

The the two puppies were just six days old. Shortly after the canine family arrived at Circle L. Ranch, they received a call about a man who was threatening to drown some puppies. He had nine pit bull puppies he was going to kill unless someone came and got them.

Circle L. Ranch and another rescue group saved the nine pups. Deborah moved five of the puppies to the ranch, and the other organization kept four pups. Then Deborah introduced the smallest pit bull puppy to the mother and her two pups.

Deborah wrote on Facebook that the momma licked him and then allowed him to nurse! Eventually, the mother accepted all of the puppies! The new puppies are a little smaller than her own, but she takes very good care of all of them.

Deborah and her staff are grateful that the community helped save the lives of the pit bull puppies. Now they all have the chance to a happy life!

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