Mom Takes Her 2-Day-Old Filly Outside. Now Watch When She Comes Out From Behind…

The old African proverb, ‘It takes a village to raise a child,” may be as applicable to horses as it is to humans! As seen in the video below, Coconut, a two-day old, Medicine Hat Filly enjoys exploring the outdoors for the first time as mom hovers nearby.

The tovero-colored horse is followed closely by her mom as she trots around the yard on wobbly knees. The other horses in the group stand by for a close view of the new baby. One shot shows the sire (father horse) looking on from another field. Like an over-protective mother watching her babies first steps, the mare chases the foal and hovers protectively when the owners step close.a

This behavior is typical of mares, who sometimes react in a very mother-bear fashion when they perceive a threat to their new foal. “First-time breeders should keep in mind that even the most mild-mannered mare might make this transformation when she has a new foal; it’s worth being cautious when you approach,” according to The Horse.

A Medicine Hat Filly is set apart by its unique coloring. Mostly white with colored patches on the ears and head, and sometimes (like Coconut) a shield of color on their chest, the Medicine Hat Filly is a type of American Paint Horse according to PonyBox

This horse is revered in Native American legends as magical creatures with the ability to protect their rider from injury or death during times of war and while on hunts. Additionally, folklore also label these horses as good luck charms, according to PonyBox.