Golden Retriever Loves To Give Out Free Hugs On The Streets Of New York

Cesar Fernandez-Chavez and his golden retriever, Loubie, have their daily routine walking the streets of New York.  Cesar knows this is not your typical walk because Loubie simply cannot stop hugging people.

Loubie has become a bit of a celebrity around the neighborhood.

“We don’t get to go too far,” Cesar said.

Cesar taught Loubie to shake hands a few years ago, but somehow, the handshakes turned into hugs. Loubie gradually started to hug more and more people, even strangers.

“Instead of asking me to do the holding hands thing, she just sat up, very close to my legs, and she’d wrap her legs around my knees. She gets a very good grip,” Cesar says.

Passersby saw Cesar and Loubie hugging and stopped to take a picture. It wasn’t long before Loubie wanted to hug them, too.

“Sometimes people run up and ask for a hug, but I tell them, ‘I don’t think it’s going to happen,’ because she has to bond with that person first. But when she sits next to someone, then I say, ‘You’re probably going to get a hug,’” Cesar says.

Loubie has her own Instagram account and has more than 167,000 followers. She continues to spread joy on the streets with her hugs today!

Wouldn’t you love to get a hug from this cuddly dog?

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