After Losing His Mom, Baby Margay Cat Was Rescued From Blazing Forest Fire

ARCAS, is a wildlife rescue based in Guatemala.  They recently performed an amazing rescue. A baby Margay is now the newest member of their shelter. The Margay was rescued from a blazing forest fire where the baby’s mother was severely injured. When rescuers went back in to get her, she was nowhere to be found.

The baby is doing well and is being bottle fed! Margays are wild cats that can grow to weigh between 9 and 20 pounds. They are tiny and live in forests in Mexico and some parts of South America.

Margays lived in Texas at one time, but have gone extinct there.   The fire was tragic, but it has its benefits for this guy.  Since Margays are often hunted and exploited, this baby has a chance to survive before being returned back to the wild!


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