Man Saves Up His Money For Over 15 Years In Order To Save Stray Dogs

A man who actually used to be afraid of dogs, Balu of Pune, India certainly found a compelling reason to overcome his fear. He and his wife now adore animals, and for fifteen years Balu saved enough money to finally do something he could make a real difference with: he purchased a van and converted it into a dog ambulance!


Many people support Balu’s work rescuing injured and stray dogs from India’s streets, but others are not always so appreciative. He continues to do what he believes these dogs deserve, in spite of the negativity.


For even the small number of stray dogs helped by Balu, his kindness means the world. He keeps around five to six pups in his home as fosters at any given time, for which he and his wife provide any necessary medical care and unending love. For others who wish to use his transportation services, he also charges a small fee (about 24 cents/kilometer) to move an animal from one place to another, and uses the proceeds to fund more rescues.


Vinod Salvi of the Pets Force farm (he does not like the term “shelter”) takes care of paying Balu’s charges from time to time as well. Catching the dogs is the hardest part of the rescue, Salvi says, so Balu is doing quite a good job of it!


Fifteen years of saving money, and so many lives saved as a result. That’s the kind of good we like to see happening in our world. Thank you, Balu, for your efforts and for your kindness toward the animals others might let fall by the wayside.

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