Eldery Disabled Dog Was Tossed Aside Until This Man Came Along

Steve is an animal rescuer.  He is not your typical animal rescuer looking for young, healthy dogs. Steve only the animals that don’t get adopted from shelters: the ones that no one wants because of their old age and health problems.

Steve went to adopt a dog, picked one out, but was then told that that dog had already been adopted. Instead of giving up, he searched for another dog and boy did he find one.

Engelbert, a dog with seemingly endless health issues and non-functional back legs, was the dog that Steve fell in love with instantly. He thought,  “If I go home without this dog, no one will ever go home with this dog.”

Steve was only adopting the abused animals, the ones who stood no chance.  He gave them a second chance at life itself, with love and a family and a home.

Here’s Phyllis, a blind dog, and Edna, a twelve-year-old dog who was abused and given up on.

Steve loves these animals to death, and they for sure love him, too, with all that he does for them.

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