Homeless Man Lived In The Woods For Sixteen Years With Thirty-One Dogs

This man was living in the woods and trying to be “one of the pack” with his thirty-one homeless dogs.  He bonded with them all, and spent day and night with them.

But this man was definitely the leader of his own pack…thirty-one dogs.

This man had lived in the wild for sixteen years and has managed to gather the attention of all of these dogs.

These homeless animals flocked to him in their time of need, and he provided what he could to keep them happy.

Over the years, many people have offered him assistance to help him improve his life and his circumstances, but he’s refused it all on the basis that he knew he wouldn’t be able to take this many dogs with him.

They were first and foremost in his mind, and he was not going to abandon them again like their previous owners had.

With the assistance of Animal Rescue Corp, they took in all of his dogs with the objective of finding them all forever homes.

Because his health was declining, the wild man was no longer capable of providing the same quality of help that the dogs needed.

Many of the dogs were inflicted with diseases and conditions that required immediate attention.

Now, all of the dogs are in an emergency shelter, receiving the medical care they need before they get adopted, and they have the wild man with the open arms to thank for keeping them safe all this time.


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