Amateur Photographer Finally Films A Very Rare White Moose

Hans Nilsson, from Eda, Sweden, loved spending time outdoors filming the local wildlife. However,  nothing prepared Hans for what he suddenly captured on video one afternoon…

Hans would frequently spend hours exploring the forests around his town and capturing as much of it as he could on his video camera. Often he would see moose and gathered tons of great footage of the massive creatures over the years.

Nothing prepared Hans for what he was about to see.  While Hans was out filming one particular afternoon, he came upon a scenic stream that ran through the hills. He decided to film the rippling water. That is when he saw something that made his jaw hit the floor…

There was a completely white moose! Hans watched as the massive creature slowly made his way from the trees to the side of the stream.

Sweden is home to roughly 400,000 moose. Only about 100 of them are white that may be caused by albinism, but others actually have a recessive gene that causes the white fur. Hans had caught something very special on tape.

The elegant animal spent a few more minutes gnawing on plants before he slowly turned his head and looked directly at Hans. He then quietly wandered off into the distance while Hans stood utter disbelief.

Hans said, “When I shot the video, everything fell into place: the location, the light, and the calmness. It was an experience to meet such a stately animal up close.”

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