“Angel of the Animals” Rescues And Rehabilitates Desperate Animals

Wilson Martins Coutinho is nicknamed the “Angel of the Animals,” and deservedly so.  He has been rescuing animals for nearly his whole life and dedicates all his time, energy, and resources into helping the most desperate of animals.

Wilson has been known to rescue dogs, cats, or pretty much any animal, no matter how bad the injuries may be. The worse the condition of the animal, the harder he tries to save it.

He makes sure they eat and get healthy before they are released. He even does some rehabilitation to make sure they have the best lives possible.

People have called him Protector Wilson, and Angel of Animals. Brazil and other developing countries have animals that can often live rough lives, without the comfort that many pets enjoy. Access to medical care and equipment is scarce and a cultural standard for how animals can or should be treated.

Protector Wilson is helping change how people there think of dogs and their role in society.

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