He Finds A New Friend In A Hole In The Ice And They’re Inseparable

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if there’s one thing we love seeing, it’s unlikely friendships! Whether it’s an elephant and a dog, a piglet and a kitten, or even a trio of a lion, tiger, and bear (oh my!), there’s just something we find heartening about cross-species friendships. It makes the world seem like a friendlier place overall. It also helps prove that if two animals of totally different species can be friends, we humans certainly have no excuse not to get along.

Now, we’ve got another great example to add to the list in the form of Seppo Laaman, an elderly Finnish man, and his unlikely best friend, a wild otter whom he’s nicknamed “Iivari.” Iivari showed up starving on Seppo’s doorstep one day, and Seppo kindly took care of him by feeding him worms and fish until he was healthy. Ever since then, the two have been best friends.

Let’s be clear, though, Iivari is not Seppo’s pet. He’s still a wild otter who comes and goes as he pleases. He does, however, regularly spend time with Seppo, who is the only human he trusts. He also responds to a few commands, but only when they’re given by his friend. Otters are incredibly smart animals, and clearly Iivari is smart enough to know a true friend when he sees one.



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