Mama Cat Survived Horrific Abuse To Save Her Only Kitten

Sweetie is a loving cat that suffered unimaginable abuse. In March 2016, Sweetie was taken to the Save Cats & Obliterate OverPopulation, Inc. (SCOOP, Inc.), a non-profit organization in Cincinnati, Ohio. When she got there, Sweetie’s jaw was unattached from her palette and just hanging. Barb Wehmann, the executive director of SCOOP, Inc., said that the veterinarian had to reconstruct Sweetie’s jaw.

Sweetie was given a lot of love and attention. She later surprised everyone one month into her recovery when she gave birth to a single kitten.

Sweetie and her kitten had both survived a terrible ordeal together and the tiny kitten weighed only two ounces.

Sweetie, unfortunately, had no milk for her kitten, and the group was uncertain the kitten would survive.

The staff of SCOOP Inc. worked hard and around the clock to keep the kitten fed and cared for. Sweetie did what she could to help too

The kitten was named after Dr. Jennifer Jaax who had saved Sweetie’s life: Jaax.

Here’s Jaax today at five months old.

Sweetie is estimated to be about 8 or 9 nine years old and is recovering from her second mouth surgery. Her baby is tiny but doing well.

“Everyone feels that Sweetie’s will to live came from her desire to save her kitten,” Wehmann said.

Sweetie never lets Jaax out of her sight and as you can see, Jaax and her momma are a very close family!

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