Loving Duck Is Super Protective Of His Favorite Human Sibling


When children bond with animals, it is one of the closest friendships of their lives. Animals are aware of the innocence of children, and will do almost anything to protect them. Usually, felines and canines serve as the best friends that children need, helping them to socialize and learn their boundaries, but one kid is lucky enough to be best friends with a duck.


Mother ducks are very watchful over their young. Tyler is only a year and a half, but Beaker the duck is his best friend in the world, and they do absolutely everything together.


From taking baths to wading in the kiddy pool outside, these two are inseparable.


Tyler’s very first word was “duck.” From the moment they wake up until they go to bed, they spread a little chaos throughout the house that can only be described as adorable.



It doesn’t take them long to tear their room apart if they’re working together, and that leaves their mom with a big mess to clean up.


Beaker even puts up a stink if Tyler is crying, filling the house with quacks to make sure that her little “duckling” is okay.


Tyler and Beaker also experience potty training together, though the latter is more prone to pulling his off, and it’s unlikely that the duck will ever really know how to use a potty anyway.


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