Blind Foster Dog Becomes Mommy To Newborn Orphaned Kittens

When orphaned kittens are rescued, they are not capable of taking care of themselves. However, the kittens in this story found safety in the most unlikely of places, and with an adoptive mother, they’d never expect.

These kittens were lucky when they met a blind foster doggy mom who took care of them. The dog had lost her eyesight to cataracts. She now had to be led around the home to all of her favorite spots.

That did not make her any less of a competent mother. The kitten’s eyes weren’t even opened yet when they were introduced to their surrogate, blind mom.

They all snuggled together for warmth and even tried to nurse. The blind dog provided with warm tongue baths and the love that they needed. The kittens ended up growing big and strong thanks to their foster mom’s love and tender care.

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