Passing Sailors Notice A Puppy Swimming In The Ocean And Rush Into Action

While six sailors were coasting twenty miles off the shore of Naples, Italy, they spotted something rather unusual paddling desperately through the chilly waters…a Lab puppy!   The dog had reportedly been doggy-paddling for several hours when he slipped through his collar and fallen off a ferry bound for the island of Ischia earlier that day.


The concerned sailors steered the boat towards the puppy and whistled to encourage him to swim closer. After only a few minutes, one man was able to pull him safely on board, while another woman immediately pulled him into her lap to keep him warm.


The two-to three-month-old puppy, named Noodles, was taken ashore by a rescue boat and warmed by a hair dryer and has since been reunited with his family after they reported him missing from the ferry.


Noodles is reportedly doing well after his harrowing experience!

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