Couple Leads Lost Baby Wildebeest Back To Safety

While a couple in South Africa was enjoying a scenic drive through a national park in South Africa, a young animal wandered just a bit too far from his mother. They luckily captured the whole thing on video!

They noticed something alarming: a confused baby wildebeest had just stumbled out of the brush. He was lost and clearly looking for his mother.

There was no mother in sight, so the baby wildebeest ran towards the car as they drove slowly along. He trotted alongside the vehicle thinking that it was his mother.

“We turned a corner and came across this little wildebeest calling and standing next to the car in front of us,” said Zaheer Ali, one of the tourists. “We were shocked to see that the wildebeest calf moved and stopped when the car did.” But what happened next left them stunned…

The couple kept an eye on the teeny wildebeest as they drove farther away and they really weren’t sure what would happen next.

They were concerned for the creature’s safety as they were headed deeper into territories where predators might leap at the chance to devour the young creature.  There were other cars driving in the park, too, presenting another kind of danger.

“We moved quite a distance away from the calf so he didn’t get hurt by the car’s tires,” Zaheer said. “We drove for about another 4-5 kilometers like this in search of a herd of wildebeest. The whole way he was crying out for us to stop.”

The couple drove, desperately keeping an eye open for a herd of nearby wildebeests in the hopes of reuniting the calf with his mother. They eventually spotted her and before they could blink, the young wildebeest was galloping at full speed to his waiting mama!

Once the mother and her young calf were finally reunited they  quickly retreated out of the open area of the park to a place that would be more safe and secluded.

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