Lonely Dog Gets A Daily Hug From His Best Friend

In Thailand, Messy, a yellow Labrador Retriever, lives with his mom, Oranit Kittragul. Audi, the dog that lives across the street, gets a bit anxious and lonely when his owner leaves to go to work. Oranit tells Messy to go over and play with him.

Audi stops fussing when he sees his best friend and neighbor from across the way! Except one day, Audi’s owner forgot to latch the gate before leaving…

That is when the lonely Husky saw his chance to go get a hug from Messy. Oranit looked outside and saw the special moment and took photos. After the heartwarming hugging session, Audi ran back home!

That moment is when Oranit realized the two had a deeper bond. Despite the road that separates them, the two dogs had become super close just seeing each other from afar.

Messy and Audi need to have some regularly scheduled playdates in the future, don’t you? What a beautiful friendship!

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