Lizard And Mouse Saved From Drowning In Swimming Pool

Levi DeWitt was in Bolivia volunteering when he noticed a lizard and mouse drowning in a swimming pool. The pool was partially drained, and the water level was well below the concrete slide that the pair could have used to escape.

DeWitt used a coconut branch and slid into the water while the mouse and lizard hopped on, and DeWitt was able to pull them both out of the water.

Once they were rescued, the lizard and the mouse were exhausted and took a moment to rest. DeWitt thought they would both just run off once they felt better.

Except, neither one did, DeWitt said that after a minute or so, he got closer and both the mouse and the lizard hopped on to his hand and walked up and down his arm!

Both animals could have scurried off but chose to stay on dry land.

They both stayed after being rescued as if to say “thank you” to the man who saved them from certain death!

They both hung out for a little while then they did scurry off, safe and dry!

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