Vets Said To Euthanize Her Because Her Legs Were So Deformed, But She Proved Everyone Wrong…

Cinque Ports Rescue of Kent in the United Kingdom was formed in 2011, by a group of dog lovers who rehome and rescue dogs. Founders, Kerri Eilertsen-Feeney and Eileen Mellis, saved Wanda’s life. Wanda, a Cocker Spaniel puppy, was born with badly deformed front legs.


The veterinarians thought her bones were too damaged to fix, and suggested the humane thing to do would be to have her euthanized. But Kerri and Eileen brought the 4-month-old puppy to see an orthopedic veterinarian.


Wanda underwent surgery to fix her legs! You can see her running, playing, rolling in the grass in the video below!


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