Koala Returns Home To Find Her Land Has Been Destroyed

When a huge swath of land was cleared for a housing development project, it destroyed an ecosystem that once flourished with thousands of flora and fauna. Today, it is nothing more than a giant heap of twigs, wood chips, and dirt. This left the koalas to either die or lose their homes forever.

Animal rescue group Wildcare Australia Inc. came across a puzzled koala called Ash, staring around at the ruins of what used to be her beautiful home.

The contract for the betterment of urban areas, as advocated by the Gold Coast City Council, has unfortunately been deliberately negligent about the consequences on countless animals like Ash.

It has been reported that in the past year, 680,000 acres of land was cleared in Queensland, which is marked as the cause of loss of biodiversity Wildcare Australia Inc. said that Ash not only lost her home, but she also lost her friends, thousands of birds, reptiles, kangaroos, wallabies, bandicoots, bats, and echidnas.

Luckily, Ash escaped without harm despite the loss of her homeland! The rescuers report that Ash is thriving. She is being treated by Koala Carers and will then be admitted to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Hospital for a full health assessment.

Visit Wildcare Australia Inc., today to help Ash and his homeless friends!

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