Rescued Kitty From Animal Control Survives Despite His Encephalitis

Megan Timberlake, met Edward, the tiny gray kitten, met him shortly after he was born at Richmond Animal Care and Control. Edward weighed only 1 pound, but his head was larger than normal, and the veterinarian diagnosed him with hydrocephalus. Megan said Edward had trouble eating at first, but quickly caught on!

Megan fell in love with him right away and decided to foster him.

When Edward got a little bigger, he had entropion which makes the eyelashes fold inward.  Edward was taken to be neutered, the doctor at Prevent A Litter corrected that condition too.

Edward recovered nicely from both procedures and Megan says he is doing well with his hydrocephalus and is not on any medications for it.

He is a handsome chap!

Edward can be seen wrapped around his human’s head at night and loves to snuggle! He is super friendly and has a lot of friends! Here we see Edward snuggling with his sister, Luna.

Megan has three cats and three dogs.

Edward continues to thrive, despite his medical condition and Megan reported that he just wants to be held and have his neck scratched!

Megan even takes him to work with her sometimes!

And Edward is no longer a foster, has given Edward a forever home!


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