These Kitties Have Many “Jobs” At Home. Wait Until You See Them In Action…

Sometimes, a little bit of a perception shift can go a long way, but you don’t have to tell that to the user behind to Sho Ko YouTube account. “Sho Ko” is a shortening of two cats’ names, Shorty and Kodi, and their owner has made a satirical video series that highlights the humor in Shorty and Kodi’s actions. The video below was made to show how Shorty and Kodi, just like most other cats, have many important “jobs” around the house.

 Shorty and Kodi’s owner truly appreciates the silliness of these two, and all cats really, and has come up with quite a hilarious way to refer to their oddities. Titles like “Ghost Chaser” and “(Re)Tail Manager” almost certainly describe your cat too, you might just need a little help seeing it that way!
Take a look at the video below and be sure to share if you found it as funny as we did! Were any important cat jobs left out? Let us know in the comments what your kitty’s specialty is! 

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