Hero Saved Litter Of Kittens After Spending 7 Hours Digging In A Dumpster

When a man named Cliff heard crying coming from a pile of wood in a dumpster, he decided to investigate.  He found a kitten hanging on to some scraps of wood and soon realized there was more than just one kitten in the dumpster. Cliff said he thinks the kittens were dumped and wood had been thrown on top of them.

Cliff was determined to rescue all of the kittens and spent hours digging them out.

Only one of the kittens did not survive. This is where Cliff found the kittens.

Cliff put the little ones on his lap and gave them much-needed love. He put one kitten in his pocket to try and help keep it warm.

Finally, after seven hours all the newborn kittens were finally out of the dumpster.

They were all very young and required care around the clock.

Cliff needed help and after some searching, a rescue group, Watching Over Whiskers in Springfield, Missouri offered to take in the poor kittens.

The rescue group said that the kittens were in desperate need of care!

Roxy, a rescued mama cat gave the two smaller kittens her milk.

Now all the kittens are doing well at their foster homes.

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