Watch The Beautiful Transformation Of Tiny Rescue Kitten

Dr. Matt from Vet Ranch, a homeless animal rescue group, saw the kitten pictured here when he was barely hanging onto life. It took nearly two months to nurse the poor kitty back to health. When he was found, he had two infected eyes that the doctor could not save.

Dr. Matt says they don’t know the kitten’s story, but he was found extremely weak and covered in fleas. The ginger kitty was just found alone and in very bad shape and eagerly devoured the milk they offered him.

They immediately gave him a bath and used tweezers to get all the fleas.

Dr. Matt gave him around the clock care when he took the kitten home with him.

In only one day the kitten was able to walk around on his own and eat some solid food.

He purred a little louder and played a bit harder every day.

Six weeks later, the kitten was healthy enough to have the surgery he needed to remove his eyes. He was aptly named Mr. Peepers.

Mr.Peepers purred when Dr. Matt cuddled with him.

Mr. Peepers also has a feline friend without his eyes, to play and wrestle with!

He navigates through his nose and ears. Mr. Peepers is loving his new life and is a bundle of kitty energy!


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