Rescued Kitten Was Born With Only Two Toes

Brownie’s life began on the edge of survival. He was not only very small; he was born with only two toes on his right paw. Veterinarians call that a “crab-leg” or a “paw of victory.” When he was a baby, Brownie stopped eating food. He lost a lot of weight in a very short time.

His loving owners were afraid that Brownie wasn’t going to make it.  Sonn after, he began eating again and survived!

Brownie loved to play and he turned out to be a lovely and silly cat, just look at this picture with his tongue hanging out.

Brownie’s owners say that Brownie has a dog personality because whenever they get home, the little guy follows them around.

Brownie adores people and is always looking for attention. A year has passed, and Brownie has changed quite a bit from that skinny, sad, baby that he started out as.

Now Brownie is one giant ball of fur. Brownie’s fur is about three times the size of the cat himself.

Brownie’s life began as a bit of a roller coaster, but he is in a happy place now, and it looks like he will be staying in that place for a long, long time.


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