Neighbor Commits Revenge On Neighbor And Nearly Kills Kitten In A Fire

Rescuers from Stroud Township Volunteer Fire Department scooped Logi, a 6-week-old kitten, from a horrible fire where he was almost roasted alive.

Logi lost an ear and huge chunks of his fur in the car fire.

Daniel Hernandez a named arsonist had poured lighter fluid on his neighbor’s car for petty revenge. Without knowing there was a precious little black kitty inside.

Soon after, Logi went to his new home with Mathew, David, and Bethany.  Logi’s recovery is still ongoing, and his new family began a “Love for Logi” fundraiser. The fundraiser has surprisingly surpassed its initial $800 goal to over $1,700!

Daniel was jailed and fined $250,000. Logi is recovering well and you would not believe that this kitten almost died in a fire.

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