He Was Stunned When He Saw What Was On This Rescued Kittens’ Belly

Newborn kittens born during the winter have a rough time, as they have difficulties regulating their body temperatures. Usually, their mothers help care and provide them with the food they need, but this kitten was not so lucky.

When a man heard meowing coming from his backyard, he went to investigate. What he found was an abandoned kitten in his driveway without any family members.  He picked her up to take her inside and that is when he saw the most remarkable white heart on the black fur of her belly.  He immediately fell in love with her.

He did try to locate the rest of the kitten’s siblings and mother, but could not find any of them.

Even though his wife is allergic to cats, she couldn’t bear the thought of taking the kitten to a shelter.  So they decided to keep the kitten for themselves.

They purchased formula and fed the kitten. He took to the bottle like a natural.

Clover, began to thrive over time, thanks to his new parents.  She even has a new rescue sibling to play with in the form of a dog named Comet.



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