While Walking In The Woods, They Discovered A New Tiny Friend

While a couple of men were walking in the woods, they saw a tiny ginger kitten.  The poor kitty had no food or water, so they wrapped her in a hat and took her home. The tiny kitty had stolen their hearts, and they did not want to leave her behind alone.

Here is little Liza and this is her first day home!

Reddit user anck, said Liza was just 3-4 weeks old when they found her in the woods. They said that her mommy was nowhere to be seen. They took her home and straight to the vet, and it turns out, she was completely healthy! They dewormed her and gave her all her shots!

Liza loves to cuddle and is enjoying her life every single day.

Liza is an absolute delight to be with and her owners love her very much!

When her person folds clothes, Liza falls asleep on them!

Liza is an energetic ball of fur!

And here is Liza, two years later!

What an amazing rescue, don’t you think?

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