A Beautiful Bonding Developed Between A Kitten And A Husky

It was love, at first sight, the first time Nikko the Husky met Robin, the kitten. Nikko was smitten by his cuteness and innocence and they immediately bonded.

The photos were taken the first night Nikko met Robin. The snapshot above is their first sight on each other. Below is a photo of Nikko guarding Robin all night long.

Robin was only sixteen days old while Nikko was all of one-year-old.  Their connection grew with each day, while Nikko guarded Robin all night until he began climbing shelves and jumping walls!

It was only a few weeks before the pair become a bonded pair! The two hung out together and played all day long! This picture below captures Robin while he wakes up with Mr. Owl.

Robin is no longer a homeless and unguarded stray. He now has a human dad, well-furnished house, and Nikko the Husky.

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