Veterinarian Cannot Believe What Was Lodged Inside A Rescued Kitten’s Ear

Veterinarians see many types of health issues every day but when Vet Ranch‘s Dr. Karri decided retrieved a litter of kittens from a shelter because they were having eye trouble, she was shocked at what she found.

She began to examine an adorable kitten named Speck.

She noticed that Speck, along with several other kittens that were living at the shelter, were suffering from eye problems. She took them all back to her office to give them proper treatment.

While she was examining the kittens, she noticed that Speck had more than just a problem with his eyes, his ear was inflamed and red. He clearly had a separate issue that needed to be looked at immediately.

Dr. Karri carefully pulled Speck’s ear back to see if she could find the problem, but the inflammation was too deep in his ear canal to identify the issue without the proper medical instruments. This was going to be a more intricate procedure so she prepped him for emergency surgery.

Dr. Karri had to administer anesthesia to Speck because she was going to have to explore deep into his ear canal. Dr. Karri started to probe around and to her horror, she immediately found the problem…

Dr. Karri found an insect larva burrowed deep into Speck’s head! She was in shocked and could not understand how an insect larva found its way there.

Dr. Karri grabbed a pair of medical clamps and slowly inserted them into Speck’s ear and dislodged the larva, but she needed to be careful that she didn’t injure Speck during the process.

Dr. Karri finally pulled the entire larva out! Speck was still in a deep sleep, but she knew that once he woke up, he’d feel like an entirely new kitten!

Once Speck woke up, Dr. Karri could tell he was feeling much better. He was more active and he immediately wanted to cuddle in her lap.

Dr. Karri and her assistant had never seen a problem quite like the one Speck had ever before. They contacted the shelter and had them examine all of the animal’s cages to make sure this incident would never happen again. Watch the procedure below…

(Warning: Some viewers may find this video disturbing.)


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