Dad’s Footage Goes Viral Of Infant Climbing On Giant Husky

There is no example of a special bond better than playtime between this baby and his giant Husky friend! They love to play together and are inseparable.

Dad caught this special playtime on video, and we are thankful he did!

Siberian Huskies are a wonderful family breed with their mild temperament and willingness to accept everyone into the home. The breed was one that the Chukchi, a tribe of Siberian nomads. The dogs would sleep with the children and provide them warmth and comfort during the frigid winter months.

Dad watches as the baby showers the family dog with love and kisses!

The dog is incredibly patient pooch and lets the baby grab his fur and love on him. There are studies showing that children who grow up with a loving pet in the home are more empathetic than those who do not.


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