Stunning Photos Of Peacocks In Mid-Flight

Peacocks have over 200 colorful elongated feathers that attract not just their potential partners, but many people’s attention and cameras, too.

Very few people get an opportunity to see these birds off the ground, but they can, indeed, fly. When predators appear, birds start running and flutter into the air. It is usually the only time they fly, when they are in danger. Surprisingly, the long feathers don’t affect their take-offs. The distance is limited, but they can fly up to 16 km/h (10 mph)!

Here are some of their beautiful images below!

Image credits: Captain Supachat

Image credits: reddit

Image credits: twosummers

Image credits: Daniel Stoychev

Image credits: imgur

Image credits: Sachin Kumar

Image credits: Mahesh Sharma

Image credits: Zhayynn James

Image credits: Chandrashekar Badami


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