Pregnant Horse Miraculously Delivered Rare Set Of Twin Foals

Daisy (Treliver D’Aquitaine) the pregnant horse, finally went into labor, seven days past her expected due date. She gave birth to a beautiful foal but was small for her size.  Jenni Benson and her husband Guy were expecting a larger foal because Daisy was 18 hands high.

While Jenni sat with Daisy, her husband attended to the foal while Daisy started to deliver the afterbirth.

“Daisy began to look like she was in labor again when she laid down a couple of times and was pushing. I felt inside her and felt two feet,” said Jenni. Guy helped remove the second baby, while Jenni waited with open arms to catch the newborn. Both Jenni and Guy waited to see if the newborn would survive. Moments later this horse began to breathe and within minutes was able to stand on his own.
Thankfully, all three horses survived labor and delivery, a miracle considering that the odds of both fetuses surviving to birth are very low. According to Equine News, good outcomes of these births are very rare. The labor can be very difficult for the mother and the foals.

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