Pit Bull Owner Leaves Her Dog On Veterinarian’s Doorstep To Save Him

When his owners felt they could no longer care for their pit bull “Fatty McFat,” they decided to find a new home for their dog even though it broke their heart. The couple was living in a car and it was just not fair to Fatty to live in those conditions.

Fatty’s owners reached out to over 50 different organizations, they could not find a single person to take Fatty. He had a habit of snapping when he felt threatened or that someone was threatening his owner.

In an act of desperation, the owner left Fatty under a shaded tree of the Litchfield Hills Veterinary Animal Hospital with all his belongings, and a note attached to it.

“My name is Fatty McFat. I am aggressive only because I’m scared. My owner loves me very much, I am their life!” the note read. “My human went homeless and found out they have a disease and cannot care for me. Please don’t judge them. They tried to rehome me on many documented attempts. No one cared! Attempted the vet, they did not care! Called the police, dog warden did not care. I know my human loves me because they were and are the only one who gave every attempt to save me, love me, and pamper me. It is not fair for me to live in a car which I have been for 2 months and my human cries every day that they are sorry and love me. I am very, very overly protective of my human and will bite anyone who comes near them or I feel is a threat. My human went homeless due to my biting. All my human wants is for me to have a chance to be treated with care, dignity and love me no matter the outcome. My human is heartbroken and very sad it has come to this. No one would help. Fatty McFat”


Thankfully, Fatty was taken over to The Simon Foundation who agreed to house the dog until the owner is able to bring Fatty home. The Simon Foundation often takes in animals in crisis situations.

“It’s sad when someone has to make this choice,” the foundation wrote on Facebook. “At The Simon Foundation, he’ll receive any needed medical care including neutering and vaccines, and behavior interaction with our trainer to help him become more secure in his new surroundings.”

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