Homeless Shelter Cats Are Given New “Jobs” To Help Them Survive

Because of the, lack of neutering, there is a huge problem in this country with the cat population. There are so many wild cats breeding with each other, that keeping their numbers down is a real problem.

What becomes an even bigger problem is when these cats are captured and brought to shelters then deemed unadoptable. The fate of many of them is they are euthanized.

At the SpokAnimal shelter, they have come up with an ingenious idea for these cats.  The shelter is finding jobs for these cats. They adopt cats out to businesses, warehouses, and people who own farms in order to serve as rodent managers.

Through a program called Farm Livin’, many people have taken up the cause so these cats can live somewhere other than shelters.

The cats are spayed and neutered and then turned over to their new “employers” to start their new line of work.

This new program has definitely made it easier for cats to find homes!

Despite eating mice, the cats are provided for in every way by their new owners.  They leave out food and shelters for these felines to remain comfortable while they do their job.


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