Heroic Man Risks His Life Rescuing Dog From Waterfall

In Russia, a dog got himself into a very dangerous spot. No one is quite sure how he got to the top of a waterfall without falling into the raging waters.

One Facebook reader wrote:

“For me, it’s not hard to imagine. I work animal rescue and I lost a leg to save a dog that had been hit on a busy freeway. My legs were shattered when the dog and I managed to get almost all the way off the freeway all except my one leg only one more step and we would have both still had all body parts. I made my son in law drive the dog to the vet while a stranger waited with me for an ambulance to get me to the Er and when asked if I regretted saving this dogs life I show them her picture smiling in my living room 8 1/2 yrs later and I say no and I’d do it all again but I’d run just a bit faster next time. Lol yeah, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

Watch the harrowing video below:

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