Heroes Rescue Exhausted Pit Bulls Who Were Drowning In Floodwaters

The Weather Channel reports that the flooding in Louisiana has claimed at least 11 lives, and some 40,000 homes have been affected. There have been 30,000 people rescued from the floodwaters. The floods also affected the animals; it is estimated that 1,000 pets have been saved from the dangerous conditions.

Mike Anderson and Darrell Watson are volunteer rescuers who searched for survivors. They are credited with saving 100 lives. Recently, they found a couple of pit bulls that were trapped and struggling to survive.

The men think that the dogs had been stuck for more than 16 hours before they were spotted. Once they saved the dogs, Mike and Darrell stepped forward and volunteered to foster the dogs if the shelters are too full to take them in. What heroes!

This picture was posted by Josh Petit on Facebook! Josh said that Baton Rouge was hit by flash floods, and the area was covered in over 8 feet of water in just two hours! While he was out on his boat when he saw the bushes shaking.

He drove over to the bushes and took a closer look and saw a dog who nearly drowned. Her face is just barely above water, and she was exhausted from treading water. He immediately pulled her out of the water, and said she laid her head on his lap, grateful to finally be safe.


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