The Real Reason A Yellow Ribbon Is Tied Around A Dog’s Leash

Tara Palardy of Alberta, Canada, started The Yellow Dog Project.

The Yellow Dog Project is a non-profit organization that began in 2012 as a way to bring public awareness to DINOS, or Dogs In Need Of Space.

When you see a dog with a yellow ribbon tied around its leash, the owners are just letting you know that this dog needs a little extra space.

It does not mean the dog will attack you or do anything harmful, it’s just a warning, to slow down and use caution before approaching.

If the dog has a yellow ribbon on their leash, their owner is probably more than happy to explain to you what it means and why their dog needs some extra space.

Some of these dogs might have yellow leashes, scarves, or vests instead, instead of yellow ribbons.

The Yellow Dog Project wants people to know that tying a yellow ribbon on your dog’s leash is not a waiver of responsibility; it is still up to you to train your dog the proper way to behave.

This initiative is brilliant! Dog anxiety and injuries for people (especially children) can be avoided if we learn to give these dogs the space they need.

If you do see a dog with a yellow ribbon, remember to approach them with caution and respectfully ask the dog’s owner if it would be okay for you to get close.

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