Farmer Finds His Hen Nesting With Newborn Kittens

Chickens and hens are a staple in the farm world. They lay several fresh eggs a day, eat your leftovers and very laid-back.

Hens tend to keep to themselves and are pretty independent.

One hen, however, was known for her sweet side. Most hens can be found in the hen house nesting or resting, but this hen was always found walking around the farm and hanging out with the other animals. Unlike the other chickens, she wasn’t intimidated by leaving the hen house.

While her owner was on his morning feeding route, he noticed something was a little off. When he approached the hen house, he saw one hen that seemed to be out of place. This was his friendliest hen who normally joins him for his morning, afternoon, and evening routes around the farm. Instead, this morning, she sat motionless in the hen house. He figured, “She’ll join me later this afternoon” he thought.

Finally, as evening approached, the farmer went to the hen house for a third and final time that day and the hen was still sitting in the same spot! That’s when he moved closer to her and was startled! She was nesting, but not on eggs!