Heartwarming Dog Portraits By 19-Year-Old Polish Photographer

Alicja Zmyslowska, a 19-year-old pet photographer, based in Poland, takes incredibly vibrant and lively portraits of dogs.

Zmyslowska has all her bases covered when it comes to dog photography. She said she had done everything from sports photography to show-ring photos. Her adorable portraits are our favorite!  She captures each dog’s characteristics and personalities.

Zmyslowska shoots her beautiful dog portraits with a wide array of gear, including the Canon 70-200mm, 85mm, and 50mm lenses.

“Since I was a child I loved animals,” Zmyslowska said. “When I was 4, I got two beautiful cats but my biggest dream was still to have a dog. In 2006 this dream came true.”

“My lovely golden retriever Kiara finally arrived at my home and changed my life! From the beginning I was taking pictures of her with some compact camera or borrowed DSLR from my older brother.”

“A year later I got my first DSLR camera. And everything started! Kiara is my first and best model. I was also taking pictures of my friend’s dogs or just dogs that I met at a walk.”

“I have a few places in my area where I usually go shooting. Which one I choose depends on the season, weather and also on what type of pictures I want to take – running, playing or just still portraits.”

“For portraits, the forest is good, but for dogs in motion, I prefer more open spaces like meadows.”

When asked what working with dogs as models was like, Zmyslowska said that she preferred working with dogs over people, but that “it is also connected with working with their owners.”

“When I do a session with my friends’ dogs it is easy. They are obedient, they know many tricks, they are very useful!”

“But sometimes it is more difficult – for example when I take pictures of homeless dogs from shelters – those poor dogs often don’t react on anything, they are not interested in food, toys, they won’t do what we want. Those sessions are always the hardest for me. But it is worth it!”

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