Heartbreaking Photo Of Abandoned Dog Goes Viral

The dedicated volunteers who work for the nonprofit group “Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward Project” use their precious time and personal money into saving as many stray dogs as possible.

Houston has a large problem when it comes to stray dogs. Either because of people abandoning them, or they’re feral. Over the years, the people of the Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward Project have fed countless dogs and have rescued almost 1,000 dogs from the 5th Ward alone.

Since they’re a no-kill rescue, they have managed to rescue dogs off the streets and find them forever homes. Many of the strays are given food, vetting, and proper pet care.

When one volunteer came across a homeless dog,the scene was heartbreaking. The dog, was a representation of the much bigger problem of the thousands of dogs in need of good homes.

After she snapped a quick photo, and it instantly went viral.

This heartbreaking image is only a tiny piece of a much bigger problem in Houston.

The poor dog, left behind by his owners, is using an old teddy bear to snuggle with.

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