10 Dog-Friendly Human Foods That You Can Share With Your Pup

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Everyone knows the saying: dogs are a (wo)man’s best friend. And what do we do with our best friends? We eat.

The foods we feed our dogs can either make them healthier or cause them harm. You already know that foods such as grapes and chocolate can be toxic to your furry companions, so here are some foods you can share with man’s best friend to keep you both happy and healthy.

1. Peanut butter

healthy dog foods

Peanut butter contains heart healthy fats, along with vitamin B, niacin and vitamin E. Try stuffing your dog’s bone with peanut butter (make sure it doesn’t have this ingredient in it, though) for a fun treat to keep him or her entertained for hours.

2. Cheese

healthy dog foods

As if you needed another reason to eat cheese? As long as your dog isn’t lactose intolerant (yes, some are), low-fat cheeses can be a great treat option for your canine friend.

3. Carrots

healthy dog foods

Carrots are high in vitamin A and beta-carotene. They improve eyesight and benefit your teeth, making them a great healthy choice to share with your pet (bonus points if you dip them in peanut butter).

4. Pumpkin

healthy dog foods

Basic bitches, rejoice. You now have a reason to eat pumpkin year round. Instead of your beloved PSL, enjoy some of this vitamin A-packed fruit with your pup to keep their GI tract moving and help with doggy digestive issues.

5. Eggs

healthy dog foods

Eggs are high in protein and easy digestible, making them a great choice if you’re sharing a romantic brunch with your pup.

6. Apples

healthy dog foods

Apple slices can help freshen your pooch’s stinky breath. They make a great choice to share before going on a date to the dog park, but don’t forget to take out the seeds and core as they can be a choking hazard.

7. Oatmeal

healthy dog foods

Oatmeal is a great source of fiber for both you and your dog. Make sure to cook before serving and opt for oats with no added sugars or artificial sweeteners (+10 points if you add zucchini to your oats to sneak a serving of veggies into your dog’s diet).

8. Salmon

healthy dog foods

The good kind of fat found in salmon can help improve not only your hair and nails but your dog’s coat as well. Mix some in with your BFF’s breakfast or dinner so that all the dog hair engrained into your carpet will be healthy and shiny.

9. Pineapple

healthy dog foods

Pineapple is a great summer treat for your pup that contains both calcium and potassium. Try freezing fresh chunks to give to your pet as a sweet snack.

10. Rice

healthy dog foods

Rice is great for your dog, especially if they’re having stomach troubles. Brown or white can work: while brown is a little higher in protein, white rice is easier to digest (especially for older dogs).


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