He Lines Up His Pets And Tells Them To Do A Trick. Who Do You Think Does It Best?

This is an amazing example of what we assume certain pets can or cannot do. This pet owner walks down the line of two rottweilers and his pet cat Didga, and tells them to roll over one by one. The two dogs are perfectly trained and roll right when asked, but what’s even more amazing is the cat not only waits her turn, but rolls over perfectly like the two dogs before her. I’ve never seen a cat do a trick like this, let alone  wait so attentively for her owner with such patience.

This may seem outrageous. but it turns out training a cat might be easier than you thought it would be. According to an article on Petfinder.com, there are some easy tips to keep in mind when training a cat. The most important tips to know are that cats respond better to positive feedback than negative punishment. They also say that the best way to positively reinforce a cat are with “soft, gooey, stinky treats.” 
Once you have established that the cat gets a reward when it does something specific, practice it as much as you can without wearing out the cat (or yourself). The cat will get it, but not overnight – so don’t be too pushy and before you know it you can be making videos featuring cats like Didga.

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